These are by no means news but it is hard to exaggerate the superlative coolness of these two records released over the last few months by all-time-supremer Glasgow label LuckyMe [here]. The first: Machinedrum – SXLND, and the second: Ango – Another City Now.

Machinedrum has produced a radical und VIBING house record – a piece of genius for real that can’t but MAKE YO BODY MOVE. Buy it here in super vinyl beauty, but really do!

Machinedrum – Van Vogue

Machinedrum – DDD

***and new bonus boom -uhrr- groove ! :

Dominique Young Unique – Stupid Pretty (Machinedrum Remix)

Ango’s *first* release ever, the future brims ahead! Preposterously badass! – r&b like you ain’t never heard it before and that shit’s a promise! Nutsly cool LuckyMe proving they can outdo themselves over and over and over again (and in r&b form!!!). Get this record here, only £15 for both EPs – this is a sweet deal people, don’t be crazy fools!

Ango – Love Me

Ango – Love Me (Dub)


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